Wacom One Review

Wacom tablets are great for 2d and 3d artists. If you are new to drawing tablets. Wacom one will be perfect for you.

Wacom one has a 13 inch full high definition screen, weight of 1 kg and has dimension of 225 x 357 x 14.6 mm.

Wacom One Stylus

Stylus of wacom one is good but not too great. It has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Drawing is very precise with the stylus and only comes with one button on it. The good thing about the button is that it can be mapped via the driver software for any purpose.

Wacom One Screen

Screen resolution of wacom one is 1920×1080 full high definition display. The resolution is enough for any designer but the main issue with the screen is that of it’s brightness. The screen has around 166 PPI, supporting 72% of NTSC color space.

If you have a room that’s too bright, you will have a hard time seeing the tablet screen while you work on it.

Pros Of Wacom One

  1. It’s an affordable drawing tablet.
  2. Comes with a stylus.
  3. Easy to setup and use.
  4. Good for new digital artist and hobby artist.

Cons Of Wacom One

  1. No buttons or touch on the tablet.
  2. Old way of connecting the tablet to pc.
  3. Cords can be troublesome to manage.
  4. Uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Should You Buy Wacom One?

If you don’t work in a room of very bright light and want a affordable drawing tablet with awesome stylus. Yes, go ahead because it’s an awesome drawing tablet for the price.

Written by GATEAM

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